Friday, October 17, 2014

A Time and Season for Every Matter

In large part, lately, my time has been split between my diaconal formation program and my responsibilities at the school where I work. There's not been much time for anything else (which you can see evidenced by the noticeable lack of posts in the past few weeks). This has been something that I have struggled to accept because there are so many thing that I want to be doing... but I just can't because I don't have the time and wherewithal to accomplish it all.

Through recent conversations, what has been impressed on me is that I need to reframe the obligations in my life. Frankly, I can't do it all even though I really do feel very obliged to keep up all the responsibilities that I have given myself. I guess the first person I need to forgive is myself, right? So in trying to reframe everything, I don't know whether the simple semantic shift from obligations to opportunities is enough... but on the other hand, I think there may be value in reframing them as disciplines, too.

Reason is that disciplines are things that I can freely take up and carry for a season. And when the season is over, I may set them down to pick up something else.

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