Sunday, September 14, 2014

Y.A.P. Has Its First Episode!

Hello all,

In lieu of my normal blog this weekend, I am sharing with you the first episode of a series in which my good friend, Craig Lemming, and I will be collecting and publishing the stories of young adults and young professionals who are active in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.

This is our pilot episode, so Craig and I, as co-hosts, thought it would be good to share a bit about ourselves. So in future episodes, we will dig in and begin to feature the stories of our peers. And (what I think is the best part) since this is a video podcast, we have the ability to have our friends tell you their stories as they want to tell them. I'm very excited.

So here's the pilot episode:

And here are the show notes from YouTube:

How do I get in touch with these guys?
Craig: Email, Facebook
Tom: Facebook, Twitter, Blog

Link from 4:50 - for more information on First Nations Kitchen
Link from 10:05 - the video is from the Church Urban Fund