About Me

For all that I write and create, I often find that I have a hard time writing about myself.

Currently I do a whole smattering of things because I am in between trainings. I joined the Minnesota Army National Guard in October 2016 and that kicked off a whole series of changes that I would like to write about. In this intermediary time, I work for the Boy Scouts, I do some subbing, certify some people for Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED... lots of stuff.

I have previously worked at a charter school in Minnesota, teaching the 9th grade Language Arts courses. I treasured that work because I was able to walk with teenage adolescents in such a tumultuous, transitional time in their life when so little felt right. My sense of 9th grade was that they weren't content with what they'd done and they were too anxious to get to what they wanted... as long as it didn't take too much work to get it. My job was to give them the work that would push the bounds of their comfort zone, force them to articulate what they knew and be able to say it with conviction. You know, easy stuff like that...

A large number of posts on this blog serve as something like a record leading up to and during my time as a postulant to the diaconate in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. Yes, there was a time that I was in formation to be ordained. It was an incredibly tumultuous time in my life and some of that frustration made its way onto my blog.

Amanda and me standing in front of her grandmother's rose garden just after
we were married. How young we looked!
My wife, Amanda, and I have been married for five years now (happily more often than not)! We live just outside of Minneapolis and have no children, pets or really any living thing dependent on us except a few plants. The plants go through fits of growth, usually culminating in a water-less death... we're working on that before we upgrade to human kids.