About Me

For all that I write and create, I often find that I have a hard time writing about myself.

I currently work part time at a charter school in Minnesota, teaching the 9th grade Language Arts courses. I treasure that work because I walk with these teenage adolescents in such a tumultuous, transitional time in their life when so little feels right. I always get the sense that they're not content with what they've done and they're too anxious to get to what they want to do... as long as it doesn't take too much work. My job is to give them the work that will push the bounds of their comfort zone, force them to articulate what they know and be able to say it with conviction. You know, easy stuff like that...

A large number of posts on this blog serve as a discernment record leading up to and during my time as a postulant to the diaconate in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. If anyone is curious what a postulant is, I will say I prefer the term "padawan learner."And if anyone ever gets curious about what a deacon does, I will say that it varies from deacon to deacon. Liturgically, they are the icon of servanthood at the Lord's Table and they join in with the rest of the clergy and laity with a prophetic voice. Insofar as church polity goes, each region expects different things from its deacons. And if you want to know more about that, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and let me start that discussion with you.

My wife, Amanda, and I have been married for two years now (happily more often than not)! We live just outside of Minneapolis and have no children, pets or really any living thing dependant on us except a few plants. The plants aren't doing so hot... we're working on that before we upgrade to kids.

Amanda and me standing in front of her grandmother's rose garden
(the roses haven't been doing too hot this summer).

Here's a new development! I recently found a site that is attempting to compile a list of Episcopal bloggers. If you are one yourself, or if you would simply like to see the list, click on the emblem below to see it!