Thursday, January 28, 2021

Blogging with the Small, Still Voice

 Do you know, dear reader, how long it has been that I have wanted to make a new blog post? Longer than I care to admit...

I find it fascinating that I started this blog seven years ago. And six years ago I nearly averaged one post a week. I had become very good at what I was doing; my content was on point. And I had something to prove, it was like my foray into self determined homiletics.

There have been so many things that I wanted to process through by blogging more recently... trying to make sense of things the way I used to.

But I think maybe that has been my problem. I want to blog the way that I used to. Long form essays with links and pics and dry sarcasm. 

And then this morning, it was like I got hit upside the head. 

What is the name of this blog? Speaking of Bones. Why do I speak of bones? Because God will always bring the beloved back from oblivion. I really hope that I have not yet made my way into oblivion, but I've also said that God speaks in a small, still voice like Elijah heard it. 

And I think that's the realization that I want to share: I want to blog, but I do not need to blog the same way I used to. I do not need to jump right back in with long essays and links and pics. I can share my daily reflections and realizations. 

And maybe that's something that I can resolve to do.

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  1. I confess that these days I struggle with the motivation in this medium. I barely make it once a day, and that, only with relatively brief commentary on what others have written.