Saturday, January 30, 2021

Just Vibing & Thriving

 I think I may officially be old.

I can already feel my mother do that teenager thing of rolling her eyes at me, so let me qualify my previous statement: like many I do not feel old, but I am definitely not a part of the generation that is coming of age right now.

One of the most recent new employees that I trained in at work, a young woman who has all of eighteen years of life lived, was born around the same time that I was starting high school.

I'm old enough that when I play my music, some of the "young, hip crowd" will make comments about how their dads always played this music. 

So all this is to say that I don't think I've really understood what is meant by the term "vibing" until today. 

I went to an open air event today, and everyone was just walking down the street, jamming out, calling back and forth. And it felt good. 

It seemed like everyone was chill with everyone else. Everyone was keeping an eye out for everyone else, just to make sure everyone stayed safe while we did our thing. My head was on a swivel as I watched what everyone was doing... and yes, making sure that nobody would get hurt. Once a healthcare worker, I guess...

And that's all. I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I felt like I was spending time with my people. I felt like I was vibing. Just like the kids say these days.

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