Wednesday, April 17, 2013


When I rediscovered this piece, I saw that the date stamp was 16 June 2007, which would put its composition just after I graduated. I'm not entirely sure if that's accurate, but it would make sense. I was kinda going through a phase, and I was nearly nocturnal; I had multiple part-time jobs that were all in the evening and most of my writing happened after I clocked out at work. Any rate, I chuckled when I read it again (at least in part because of what I entitled it) and I wonder whether you'll chuckle, too.

I sucked the milk
I leapt over the moon
Felt myself become weightless
Floated for a moment

But what goes up
Must come down
So I dove like a swan
Straight down

The way out is down
Burrow back into the womb
Strata of past ‘avant garde’
Only way out is down

What goes up
Must come down
So I tuck in
And dive down

Afraid? Yes
But to burrow
Takes momentum
And the descent is a rush